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Across all 3 Chargers campuses (Clearwater, Lakewood Ranch & Tampa) we offer programs for competitive and premier level players who demonstrate the desire and ability to learn and play soccer in a higher competitive format.  Our Programs are designed to develop each individual player to his/her fullest potential following the Chargers’ Player First Pathway shown below.

Tryouts:  Tryouts for each of these programs & leagues for the next 2024-25 season have been scheduled.  Scroll through the links (in the right margin on a computer or at the bottom on a mobile device) for more details & schedules about each program & campus.  Check back to those links as all updates will be posted there.




Chargers Soccer Club  ----  Our Path of Success Continues

The Chargers Soccer Club has a very distinguished 46-year history. That’s right, 46 years! Did you know:

  • We are one of the oldest soccer clubs in Florida

  • In 2007, Chargers Soccer Club was one of the original clubs selected to participate in the U.S. Development Academy.

  • We were actually the seventh club to receive this prestigious honor.

  • Fifteen years later, Chargers Soccer Club was named to the top 100 clubs in the United States by Soccerwire.com, receiving the #17 ranking, WOW!

  • In addition, our staff members sit on the current MLS Next committee, influencing the direction of the MLS Next Program.

  • The club has won three national championships

The Chargers Soccer Club communities have consistently produced some of the best U.S. soccer players representing:

  • The United States Women’s and Men’s National Teams

    • Both Goal Keeper trainers were on the Women's and Men's National Team

      • Bryane Heaberlin -

        • Won a National Championship and a World up in the same year as the GK

        • played youth soccer at the Chargers Soccer club - starting in 2002

      • Kevin Clinton

        • played on the Men's National team

        • played for the Rowdies as a Goal Keeper 

  • English Premier League

  • Bundesliga

  • Major League Soccer

  • United Soccer League

We are extremely proud of the hundreds of young women and men playing competitively at the university level. Many of those young men and women received All-American honors.

We have been blessed over the years to have the most consistent coaching staff in the country:

  • Our Director of Coaching, Peter Mannino has been with us for 37 years.

  • Our Director of Coaching Development, Roberto Lopez, has been with the club for over 15 years.

  • The Director of Goalkeeping, Kevin Clinton, 22 years.

Over 30 coaches played as Chargers growing up, and have come back to coach in our communities. The level of coaching consistency is impressive.

Call it loyalty, call it commitment, call it what it is, the coaches and staff develop some of the best players in the country, and develop their character as well, as demonstrated by the multiple examples of Charger Alumni who not only succeeded in soccer, but are succeeding in life. Former Chargers have done global TED talks, and have become successful children’s book authors, and ran for council member within our own communities. SERIOUSLY, YES!



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