1-28-15 Summit Summary

AS Roma Summit Meeting Summary

Miami Beach, Florida – January 28, 2015

In attendance;: Italo Zanzi/ CEO – AS Roma,  Alex Zecca/Youth Academy Partnership Director- AS Roma, Ed Lippe, Performance/Fitness Consultant – AS Roma, James Pallotta/ Owner – AS Roma, Garth Pollonais- Chargers SC, Jim DiNobile- Chargers SC, Lorne Donaldson and Jared Spires- Real Colorado, Chris Payne- Boston Bolts, Morris Lupenic – Vadar, Jon Sacuzac- Patedores, Jorge Fleshmen/Kendall-Communications, Federic”Ricky” Massar, AS Roma First team Youth Football Director via phone

The Summit was held in the hotel and was videoed for internal purposes and with full confidenality.

Partnership Agenda:

AS Roma Club Overview video presentation clip; New ownership of AS Roma has brought back a new sense of vitality utilizing modern business methods, leadership, media, Television networks, Digital media platforms.

AS Roma is doing this Youth Academy “in good faith”

New 52,000 seat stadium ready in 2017, Stadio della Roma!

Investment in Youth – International – U.S.

Collective Objective

  • Value to partners – Football and Promotional substance
  • Positively impact Club partners, players, coaches for AS Roma
  •  Grow presence
  •  Not a branding play
  • Legitimate effort for the right thing in football

Alex Zecca wants input.   Alex wants partner Club to have a point person to make it work

It is authentic!

AS Roma Academy and Soccer School: Education Component Commitment

Components of the program

  • AS Roma coaches visits
  • Set  calendar
  • AS Roma flexibility to host team visits, coaches visits
  • AS Roma Training center at Trigoria Italian Olympic Training Center
  • 55 Euro’s per  day/ $65, room and 3 meals and fields
  • Partner Clubs Responsible  for  airfare, AS Roma about football, not travel agent

Blackout dates: June 1-20, July 11-18, and August 9-16

AS Roma is open to do whatever we want to do

Serie A schedule starts August 23

American ownership has done so much for AS Roma and the entire organization is behind this project

Get it Going- Bring a team and/or coaches or bring in AS Roma Coaches

Discussion about the possibility to have all the partner clubs does a meeting/symposium at the Indianapolis USSDA showcase in June, 2015

Alex Zecca “make it Actionable”!

Discussion on topics:

  • Media/communications
  • Uniforms
  • Patches
  • Nike
  • Disney

Partnerships Promotions & Social media

Player ID and development, US professional partnerships

AS Roma is very ready to make this happen


*Goalkeeper, specific and AS Roma wants to do something with it

*European citizenship process

*Women’s football, AS Roma wants to develop Women’s program, Mia Hamm on the Board of AS Roma

Brief Presentation by ED Lippe about Performance/ Fitness component: Presenting continuity of Methodology/Progressive

Implementation, nutrition, creating good habits at u13


Take aways:

Alex Zecca is the point of contact

Scheduling of a symposium

Times/dates coaches coming to AS Roma




Each Partner Club representative was video interviewed about their view of the AS Roma partnership

Meet and greet with James Pallotta, owner AS Roma

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