Nagele College Planning Executive Summary

With almost 90% of all parents stating that a college education is what they most want for their child(ren) and the average counselor/student ratio at 460:1, there is a real disconnect and shortage of advice, information and real-life facts and tools available to those seeking to pursue higher education. The fact that my parents told me if I wanted to go to college I would have to do it on my own is exactly why Nagele College Planning was formed almost 40 years ago, to provide guidance, counseling, tools, advice and most importantly honesty to those beginning or going through the College Planning or Selection Process.


Our program uses state-of-the-art software, 1on1 interactions and instructions, organized timelines and professional guidance on all things related to finding, selecting and being able to pay for the school of their choice. Families need to understand that College is 1. Essential for things like Promotions, Job Experience, etc., 2. Expensive with the average public and private schools price tags continuing to rise each year, and 3. It is a Business for the colleges.


With more students looking to gain entrance into a college now more than ever (over 23 million by 2020) and only 71% of those applying being accepted as well as 36% of all college freshmen considering transferring after the first year, there is a real disconnect and lack of preparation for the typical first year college student.  That is where Nagele College Planning comes in with its unique approach of getting to know the student/athlete, their family and focusing on things like possible majors, strengths and weaknesses, etc. before ever researching schools.


The significance of a college education has been discussed for many years but especially recently, however, the facts are that the average high school dropout earns about $19k per year, a high school graduate about $27k per year, a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree about $51k and advanced degree holders about $75k per year on average, meaning a high school graduate working over 40 years compared to a college graduate with Bachelor’s Degree will earn about a million dollars less.


Through public speaking, 1on1 consultations and educating parents, counselors, coaches, athletes and students, Nagele College Planning has placed over 1000 individuals in colleges of their choice. It is indeed all about having an individualized, professionally prepared and effective plan/roadmap to avoid the many pitfalls of finding a college/university.


Nagele College Planning

Siggi Nagele, President/CEO