Chargers MLS Next Academy

MLS Next Launch

The Chargers Soccer Club is proud to have been one of the first member clubs chosen by U.S. Soccer to participate in the inaugural year of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy for boys in 2007 and proudly had Chargers Development Academy (DA) teams playing each year right up through U.S. Soccer's final year with the program (the 2019-20 season).

Starting with the 2020-21 season, MLS joined forces with 94 clubs (plus 19 other expansion clubs) in North America to develop MLS's Elite Player Development Platform, now known as MLS NextWe are now proud to be a Founding Member of MLS Next.  

Here are some excerpts from MLS Next website with general information about the program.


MLS NEXT will provide the best player development experience in North America. Founded on a collaborative approach to governance and a commitment to innovation, MLS NEXT players have access to the highest level of competition and to training and personal development opportunities that will prepare them for their futures, both in soccer and in life.


Current membership includes 113 clubs, 489 teams, 9,000+ players across the U.S. and Canada and features over 90% of the current youth national team player pools.  MLS Next Clubs

Setting a New Standard

The revolutionary governance structure of MLS NEXT promotes collaboration, fosters innovation and harnesses the expertise of all Member Clubs. It ensures that programming is responsive and transformative. To date, our approach has been incredibly valuable as we work together to navigate today’s challenging COVID-19 environment.